Bad Credit Repair – How To Restore Your Credit And Your Life

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Are You Monitoring Your Credit?

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Are You Credit Worthy?

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A Guide To Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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What is FICO?

FICO is just a company; it sells algorithms to determine your risk of default based on various factors; and this risk changes based on what type of credit you want.

The quickest way to improve your credit

How do you know if you have good credit.  A great score is above 750, but you can reach the first step to good credit just by getting to 580! Did you know you can qualify for mortgage financing with a 580 credit score?

Horrible ways to boost your credit score

Let’s assume you pay cash for EVERYTHING.  Is your mortgage paid off? Do you own a credit card?  You pay your bills on time and pay them in full.  Everyone sees you as financially sound.  If you were to access your credit score, you might be surprised at what you will see.  


Can I still save if I’m in debt?

Paying off debt can feel like an endless battle, and it’s a battle countless Americans are fighting every day, with average household credit card debt balances of $15,252 in 2018. And while reducing your liabilities is a great thing, it’s easy to feel like you’re just throwing money down the drain with each debt payment you make.




Every consumer has a specific credit score attached to each of the three credit bureaus – Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. When applying for credit lenders take the average of the credit scores provided by the bureau’s to determine a customer’s creditworthiness.


This repair kit will help you focus on Credit Education.  It will show you the  specific things to do and not do for a better credit score – all while building helpful positive credit. It will give you access to your own personalized dashboard so that you can track your progress in real time. If followed the results will astound you and more over will be lasting and PERMANENT.